IQBottles Homeboy Green


IQ Bottles are designed to improve the playful approach of children to a drinking regime. Children use their own creativity to assemble the final appearance of the bottle by combining replaceable components such as hair / caps, stickers, hand / skirts.


Homeboy Green, WOW! buddy for WOW! experiences

Package Contents:
1x bottle in green color
2x silicone accessories (white hat and green strap with hands)
1x vinyl stickers (3 pcs)
5x sport swap closure
1x bottle cap
1x instructions for use

Our bottles meet the highest standards. They are made of 100% recyclable material that is health-conscious and produces a long service life. easy maintenance is a matter of course. Stickers can be washed and changed. IQ Bottles are a modern smart product suitable for everyday use, not only for drinking but also for playing.

Additional information

Weight290 g
Dimensions110 x 84 x 320 mm


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